Julian Garner Headwear

Julian Garner

Having trained at the London College of Fashion in 2014, Julian Garner went on to create his first “MOOD” - Ki Mi in 2016, and presented the full collection of unique, one-off pieces in a three-day exhibition in the Maidstone Museum.

Since then he has created further MOODS: Drag, Flora and Ocean in 2017, and most recently I Do (Bridal) and Garden in 2018. In 2018 the label picked up an award, placing 3rd in the prestigious Worshipful Company of Felt Makers Design Award, having previously placed as one of three runners-up in the international hat competition, Hut Skulptur 2017, in Munster, Germany.

Having exhibited in two consecutive London Hat Week Exhibitions and enjoyed frequent collaborations with the exclusive Jockey Club, the label is steadily growing a dedicated following. He loves to create bespoke orders for the individual client, whether they be ladies or gentlemen.

He notes that his imagination is his strongest asset, and he aims to turn the inspiration found in the world around him into original pieces of wearable art. Each item is completely handmade in the United Kingdom,